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wifi pattern air conditioner cover

Aluminum air conditioner cover

Aluminum air conditioner covers are crafted from aluminum sheets that are intricately carved with perforations or patterns, providing both reliable protection and aesthetic appeal to your air conditioning units. Contact us now for wholesale inquiries.

aluminum column cover panel spraying

Column covers

Column covers or column wraps are decorative elements used to encase architectural structural support columns. They serve to conceal the support structure and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Yellow carving design perforated screen aluminum panel

Aluminum carved panel

STEK Color Aluminum offers competitive pricing and bulk orders for aluminum carved panels. Choose us for your wholesale needs. We provide customizable solutions for architectural façades.

micro perforated aluminum single panel

Powder coated perforated aluminium sheet

Powder coated perforated aluminium sheet produced by us through precise control of the punching force (the punching force is calculated by a special calculation formula), the punching die can punch out circles, ellipses, squares, rhombuses, hexagons, plum blossoms and other different perfect holes, ...

Round hole aluminum decorative perforated panels curtain wall

Painted perforated aluminium sheet

Through the calculation formula to calculate the punching force of the CNC tower pinching, so that painted perforated aluminium sheet maintains the maximum bearing capacity, and also solves the burr problem of the punching hole.the punching cut surface is rounded, and the service life is extended. P...

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