Aluminum carved panel

STEK Color Aluminum offers competitive pricing and bulk orders for aluminum carved panels. Choose us for your wholesale needs. We provide customizable solutions for architectural façades.

What is Aluminum Carved Panel?

Aluminum carved panels are decorative panels made from high-grade aluminum sheets. These panels undergo a meticulous carving process to create intricate designs, patterns, and textures. They are widely used in architecture, interior design, signage, and more.

Yellow carving design perforated screen aluminum panel
Yellow carving design perforated screen aluminum panel

Advanced of Aluminum Carved Panels

Aluminum carved panels offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for architects, designers, and builders:

  • Versatility: Aluminum carved panels can be customized to suit any design requirement, offering endless possibilities for creativity.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The intricate designs and textures of aluminum carved panels add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality aluminum, these panels are resistant to corrosion, weathering, and impact, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Lightweight: Despite their strength, aluminum carved panels are lightweight, making them easy to install and transport.
  • Low Maintenance: These panels require minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Different aluminum carved panel

gold carved aluminum single panel

PVDF painted carved aluminium sheet

PVDF painted carved aluminium sheet description PVDF painted carved aluminium sheet can also be regarded as a hollow aluminum plate, which is a relatively novel and fashionable decoration material, and is a kind of aluminum plate with different hollow patterns carved by an engraving machine. Many designers now take the various properties of aluminum plates […]
cnc carved aluminum panel

Powder coated carved aluminium sheet

Powder coated carved aluminium sheet description Powder coated carved aluminium sheet can be processed into non-standard aluminum veneers of various specifications and shapes, and * can be customized into various patterns such as ceilings, curtain walls, and pillars according to the requirements of designers. Powder coated carved aluminium sheet Judgment and Re-inspection Rules a) When […]
Black carved perforated aluminum screen panel
Black carved perforated aluminum screen panel
Carved aluminum facade decorative panel
Carved aluminum facade decorative panel
yellow carved perforated aluminum screen panel
yellow carved perforated aluminum screen panel
red carved aluminum curtain wall cladding panel
red carved aluminum curtain wall cladding panel
cnc carved aluminum panel
cnc carved aluminum panel


The thickness of aluminum carved panels varies depending on factors such as the usage environment, panel size, and user requirements.

Generally, the thickness can range from 2.5mm to 6mm. For indoor use, a thickness of 1.5mm to 2.5mm can also be chosen. For outdoor use, if the environment is not good, a thicker panel can be selected to increase strength.

Generally, the back of the aluminum panel will be reinforced with aluminum strips to increase the overall strength of the aluminum panel. However, due to the unique shape of the aluminum carved decorative panel, aluminum strips may affect its beauty, so they are usually not added.

In summary, the thickness of the aluminum carved decorative panel chosen will depend on factors such as panel size, the required durability and strength level, and the panel’s intended use. Contact our sales team for suitable size suggestions.


The commonly used aluminum alloy models for carved aluminum plates are as follows: 1050 H44, 1200 H44, 3003 H44, 3004 H44, 3005 H44, 5052 H44, 5754 H44。

Aluminum Alloy Tensile Strength(Mpa) Yield Strength(Mpa) Elongation(%) Inside Radius of Bending(for thickness 2mm)
A1050H44 100-145 80 More Than4 R=2mm×1
A1200H44 110-150 90 More Than4 R=2mm×1
A3003H44 210-265 180 More Than5 R=2mm×2
A3004H44 220-265 170 More Than4 R=2mm×1.5
A3005H44 165-215 135 More Than3 R=2mm×1.5
A5052H44 230-280 180 More Than5 R=2mm×2.5
A5754H44 220-270 140 More Than3 R=2mm×1.5


What are the types of paint commonly used for aluminum panels?

The commonly used types of paint for aluminum panels are polyester paint (PE), fluorocarbon paint (PVDF), and fluorocarbon powder.

Among them, fluorocarbon paint is the most commonly used, with advantages such as weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and scratch resistance.

It can meet the various needs of aluminum panel exterior decoration, with a lifespan of 15-25 years. Meanwhile, polyester paint is suitable for indoor aluminum panel decoration, with a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Carved Panels

At Stek Aluminum, we employ state-of-the-art technology and a meticulous manufacturing process to create exceptional aluminum carved panels:

  • Design Creation: Our team of skilled designers creates custom designs or utilizes existing templates to meet our clients’ unique requirements.
  • Material Selection: We carefully select high-grade aluminum sheets that meet industry standards for strength and durability.
  • Carving Process: Using advanced CNC machines, we carve the designs onto the aluminum sheets with precision and accuracy.
  • Finishing Touches: After the carving process, the panels undergo various finishing treatments, such as powder coating or anodizing, to enhance their appearance and protect against environmental factors.

Advanced Technology at STEK Aluminum

STEK Aluminum is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of high-quality aluminum carved panels. Our technologically advanced factory is dedicated to producing premium products that cater to various industries. We takes pride in its cutting-edge technology, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our factory is equipped with:

CNC Machines

Our computer-controlled carving machines ensure precise and consistent results, even for complex designs. Our factory is equipped with high-speed CNC engraving machines 8 sets, laser cutting engraving machine, high-frequency CNC turret punching machines 6 sets, and hign-efficiency bending machines 14 sets.

Paint(powder) spraying production line

We have two aluminum panel spray-type fluorocarbon paint (powder) electrostatic spraying production lines, one measuring 540 meters and the other measuring 430 meters. Both are equipped with the Henkel chromium-free passivation pre-treatment system, which significantly enhances the adhesion of the coating. We also have the Japanese Ransburg automatic electrostatic spraying system, ensuring that the paint or powder adheres uniformly to the surface of the aluminum panels.

Quality Control Systems

We utilize advanced quality control systems to monitor every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest standards of quality are met.

Design Software

Our designers utilize the latest design software to create intricate and visually stunning patterns for aluminum carved panels.

Applications of Aluminum Carved Panels

Aluminum carved panels find applications across various industries due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal:

Architectural Façades

Aluminum carved panels can transform the exteriors of buildings, adding a unique and eye-catching element to the architecture.

Interior Design

These panels are used to create stunning feature walls, partitions, ceiling panels, and other decorative elements in interior spaces.

Signage and Branding

Aluminum carved panels are ideal for creating captivating signage, logos, and branding elements to enhance brand visibility.

Furniture and Fixtures

The versatility of aluminum carved panels allows them to be incorporated into furniture, fixtures, and displays, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Versatility and Aesthetic Appeal

The beauty of aluminum carved panels lies in their versatility and aesthetic appeal. They can be customized to match any design theme, whether it’s modern, traditional, or contemporary. The intricate patterns and textures create a visual impact that elevates the overall aesthetics of any project.

Real-World Examples of Aluminum Carved Panel Applications

aluminum panel with forest and deer design
aluminum panel with forest and deer design
carved perforated decorative wall aluminum panel
carved perforated decorative wall aluminum panel

Quality Assurance at STEK Aluminum

At STEK Aluminum, we prioritize quality and ensure that our aluminum carved panels meet the highest standards. Here’s how we maintain quality assurance:

Material Selection

We source aluminum sheets from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing their quality and durability.

Stringent Testing

Our panels undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards for strength, durability, and resistance to environmental factors.


STEK Aluminum holds industry certifications that validate our commitment to quality and excellence.

Durability and Longevity

Aluminum carved panels from STEK color Aluminum are built to last. The combination of high-grade aluminum and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures that our panels are resistant to corrosion, weathering, and impact, making them a cost-effective choice for any project.

Wholesale Supply of Aluminum Carved Panels

STEK color Aluminum offers wholesale supply of aluminum carved panels to cater to the needs of architects, designers, contractors, and retailers. We understand the importance of timely delivery and competitive pricing, Our streamlined manufacturing process and efficient supply chain management allow us to provide cost-effective solutions for bulk orders. Whether you require a large quantity or customized designs, Stek color Aluminum has you covered.

With our technologically advanced factory, commitment to quality, and competitive pricing, we are dedicated to meeting your project requirements.


Can aluminum carved panels be used for outdoor applications?

Yes, aluminum carved panels are suitable for outdoor applications. They are resistant to corrosion and weathering, making them ideal for architectural façades and outdoor signage.

Are aluminum carved panels customizable?

Yes, aluminum carved panels can be customized to meet your specific design requirements. Our skilled designers can create unique patterns and textures to bring your vision to life.

Can aluminum carved panels be used in wet areas, such as bathrooms?

Yes, aluminum carved panels can be used in wet areas like bathrooms. However, it is important to ensure proper sealing and waterproofing to prevent any water damage.

Do you offer installation services for aluminum carved panels?

Stek color Aluminum focuses on manufacturing and wholesale supply of aluminum carved panels. However, we can recommend professional installers who specialize in working with our panels.

What is the lead time for bulk orders of aluminum carved panels?

The lead time for bulk orders of aluminum carved panels depends on the quantity and complexity of the designs. Our team will provide an estimated timeline based on your specific requirements.

Can aluminum carved panels withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, STEK color Aluminum’s carved panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Are customization options available for aluminum carved panels?

STEK color Aluminum offers a wide range of customization options, including designs, sizes, and finishes, to meet your specific project requirements.