Xi’an High-tech International Convention Centre

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The Xi’an High-tech International Convention Centre is a testament to human ingenuity and architectural excellence. Situated in the heart of Xi’an, China, this monumental project is set to become an iconic landmark. With a visionary design that seamlessly blends modernity and tradition, the convention center stands as a symbol of innovation and cultural fusion.

Aluminum panel landmark building solutions
Aluminum panel landmark building solutions

Xi’an High-tech International Convention Centre meets national leading Convention Centre construction standard, and is a integrated international Convention Centre gathering conferences, an exhibition hall, a five-star hotel, an ultra-high office building and a talent apartment. It is located in the southwest corner of intersection of Tianguliu Road and Yunshuiyi Road in the core area of Software Park in High-tech District in the west of West Sanhuan Road in Xi’an City, and is adjacent to Shaanxi New Library in the south, and to Fenghui Channel Ecological Landscape Gallery in the east. Besides, high-tech skyrail demonstration line, the first skyrail line in Xi’an, has set a station here, which will provide convenient transportation supporting services

xi‘an high-tech international convention centre
xi‘an high-tech international convention centre

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