3004 color coated aluminium roofing sheet according to Ral. color

STEK production of coated aluminium roofing sheet/coil, width up to 1850mm, thickness 1.0-6.0 mm, length and color can be customized.

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coated aluminium roofing sheet coil

  • Alloy: 1050,1060,1100,3003,3004,5052
  • Thickness: 0.2-1.0mm for coil;1.0-6.0mm for sheet
  • Width: Max 1850mm
  • Coating Thickness:15-30μm or request, one side or both sides
  • Color: RAL, Sample color request.
  • Customization: Specifications can be customized according to requirements, special sizes, shapes, surface coating colors, and installation kits can be customized according to requirements

STEK color aluminum is a professional coated aluminium roofing sheet manufacturer, using the color coating production line after pretreatment, roller coating, baking and other processes, on the surface of aluminum alloy with one or more layers of fluorocarbon/polyester paint, can also be coated with different patterns, so that the aluminum plate decoration effect is better.

STEK color aluminum production of various types of coated aluminium roofing sheet/coil, width up to 1850mm, thickness 1.0-6.0 mm, length and color can be customized. manufacturers directly supply, low price, after-sales guarantee.

coated aluminium roofing sheet
Color coated aluminum sheet with black

Coated aluminium roofing sheet description

The coating process is closely related to the coating quality, and it is required to control the relative linear velocity ratio of coating roller, drawing roller, measuring roller and substrate within a certain range.

Black aluminum roof
Black aluminum roof

According to the different systems and film thickness of coating products, in order to ensure the smooth process of coating, promote the improvement of product quality, coating should set a certain viscosity range.

Coating curing process and oven control must be controlled in accordance with the requirements, do not change at will, otherwise it will seriously affect the color difference and performance of coating products.

Production process of coated aluminium roofing sheet

As far as the current coated aluminium roofing sheet market is concerned, it is a new material that is highly regarded internationally. coated aluminium roofing sheet can be directly cut into the required size after opening, easy to install, long life, low price.

The performance of PVDF color coated sheet/coils

Item Test Item Standard National standard Test Result
1 Color Difference ECCA T3 ΔE≤2.0 ΔE≤1.5
2 Gloss Difference ECCA T2 ≤10 ≤5
3 Coating Thickness ECCA T1 Two layers Min 23μm ≥25μm
Three layers Min 30μm ≥34μm
4 Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 ≥HB HB
5 T-bend ASTM D4145 ≤2T ≤2T
6 Adhesion ASTM D3359 Grade 0 Grade 0
7 Impact ASTM D2794 ≥50kg.cm ≥50kg.cm
8 Boiling water Resistance GB/T17748 2h No change 4h No change
9 Solvent Resistance ASTM D2248 200 times paints remaining 500 times no break
10 Acidity Resistance ASTM D1308 5%HCL 24hrs No change No change
11 Alkali Resistance ASTM D1308 5%NaOH 24hrs No change color △E≤2.0 No change
12 Nitric acid Resistance AAMA620 △E≤5.0 △E≤5.0
13 Oil Resistance ASTM D1308 20#oil 24hrs No change No change
14 Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B117 4000hrs ≤Grade 1 No change
15 Abrasion resistance ASTM D968 ≥5L/μm ≥5L/μm
16 Dirt Resistance GB/T9780 ≤5% <5%
17 Color retaining GB/T16259 4000 hrs△E≤4.0 4000 hrs △E≤3.0
18 Gloss weaken Level 4000 hrs ≤ Grade 2 4000 hrs ≤ Grade 2
19 Chalking 4000 hrs No change 4000 hrs No change

Aluminum sheet pre-roll coating process

Multi-layer painting process

Coating thickness: It can be divided into single coating (4μm-20μm); double coating (25μm-28μm); 3 coating (35μm-38μm).

Coated aluminium roofing sheet produced by STEK color aluminum is a metal decorative board with various patterns such as stone pattern, wood grain, metal wire drawing and brick and stone pattern on the surface of aluminum alloy substrate.

The lines of aluminum plate color coating are clear and realistic, easy to process and form, corrosion resistance, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to install, safety and other characteristics, it is an excellent material to replace the traditional stone and glass curtain wall decoration.

STEK Color Aluminum Production Equipment

coated aluminium roofing sheet specifications

Thickness 1.0mm, 1.5mm(indoor), 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm (outdoor), 4.0mm, 5.0mm
Specification 600*600mm
(Max width:1800mm Max length:8000mm)
Surface treatment PVDF/ PE coating, Powder Spraying
Aluminum Alloy 1100/3003/3105/3004/5052
  1. Waiting Room, Conference Hall, Opera house.
  2. Stadium, Shopping mall exterior wall.
  3. Train Station, Subway Station.
  4. Curtain wall , Interior decoration , Suspended ceiling.
Packing Standard seaworthy export packaging. Wooden pallets with plastics protection for the coil and sheet.
Warranty 10~15 Years based on different coating.

Coated aluminium roofing sheet with light weight, bending resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages, has been widely used in various fields.However, these advantages are closely related to the production process, in which the coating is the key process to ensure its quality.

The process can be divided into two kinds: roller coating and spraying.At this point, many people don’t understand the difference between them.

Brick red coated aluminium coil
Brick red coated aluminium coil

Advantages of coated aluminium roofing sheet

  • The ink can be choosen are polyester, fluorocarbon system, which has high weather resistance.
  • Compared with stone, it is suitable for stamping and bending, and it can be processed into various shapes.
  • coated aluminium roofing sheet The texture is clear and lifelike.

Trade show

Certificate of STEK Color Aluminum

We can paint various customized fluorocarbon paints such as imitation brick pattern, hemp pattern, imitation copper, crimson, reticulated, plain, White, light off-white on the surface of aluminum sheet, giving the aluminum plate many characteristics such as preservative, thermal insulation and corrosion protection, long life, high durability, anti-fading, antibacterial, high weather resistance, high strength.Painted aluminum sheet/coil can also be used for perforated aluminium ceiling panels, aluminium cladding, painted aluminium channel, painted aluminium gutters, aluminum roofing.

STEK color aluminum is the strength of the coated aluminium roofing sheet manufacturers, all the products were produced and delivered to meet the requirements of national standards, color coating products with antistatic, self-cleaning, fingerprint resistant, fingerprint resistant, thermal insulation and corrosion protection, high durability, preservative, self-cleaning and many excellent characteristics.

Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries all over the world. And the series products of blue sky pattern, camouflage pattern, green grass pattern, 3d wood grain effect, imitation wood grain, wooden, hemp pattern, plain are well received by customers.

coated aluminium roofing sheet
3004 corrugated aluminum metal roofing sheets

We have a professional service team to provide you with project analysis and quotation services, as the coated aluminium roofing sheet manufacturers, our advantages are low price, good quality. STEK built a reputation for speed and reliability by consistently delivering on the shortest lead-times in coil coating.

Knowledge of aluminium roofing sheet

Temperature change on aluminum sheet roofing

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