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brown color coated aluminum coil

Color coated aluminum coil

Color coated aluminum coil refers to the colored aluminum coil manufactured by uniformly coating the surface of the aluminum coil with paint or resin protective layer. It is usually thinner and can be better wound into a coil. Prepainted aluminum coils can be painted on one or both sides.

clean aluminum panel

How do I clean and maintain the powder coated aluminum panels?

Cleaning and maintaining powder coated aluminum panels is relatively simple. Here are some steps you can follow: clean powder coated aluminum panel Regular Cleaning: Use a mild detergent or soap mixed with water to create a cleaning solution. Gently wash the powder coated aluminum panels with a sof...

Imitation stone aluminum panel

Powder coated aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum is a new type of construction material that uses aluminum sheets as the substrate and applies a spray coating of powder paint as the finish. This coating is typically made of polyester, fluorocarbon, or epoxy resin. Powder-coated aluminum combines the lightweight properties of aluminum with the durability and longevity of powder coating.

cnc carved aluminum panel

Powder coated carved aluminium sheet

Powder coated carved aluminium sheet description Powder coated carved aluminium sheet can be processed into non-standard aluminum veneers of various specifications and shapes, and * can be customized into various patterns such as ceilings, curtain walls, and pillars according to the requirements of ...

micro perforated aluminum single panel

Powder coated perforated aluminium sheet

Powder coated perforated aluminium sheet produced by us through precise control of the punching force (the punching force is calculated by a special calculation formula), the punching die can punch out circles, ellipses, squares, rhombuses, hexagons, plum blossoms and other different perfect holes, ...

Solid color yellow aluminum panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel description The aluminum panel for curtain wall is made of high-strength aluminum alloy sheet and processed by fluorocarbon paint. Its high-strength corrosion resistance, weather resistance, acid rain and various pollutants are all very good , which all are suitabl...

White coated aluminum coil

powder coated aluminium coil

Powder coated aluminium coil Using high-quality aluminum alloy as the material, the surface is coated with polyester fluorocarbon (PVDF), PE, powder.powder coated aluminium coil can be customized to the width, thickness, color, pattern, and pattern as customer's requirment.

Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

PVDF coated aluminium sheet

PVDF powder coated aluminium sheet is better than aluminum-plastic panels and color coated aluminium coil steel, it uses aluminum alloy metal, life can be as long as 20 years. It is used for Aluminium Composite Panel, building roofing sheet ,curtain wall, Aluminum solid panel etc.

Color Coated Aluminum Sheet With Blue

Powder coated aluminium sheet

Powder coated aluminium sheet is made by powder spraying process, used for curtain walls, suspended ceilings, aluminum veneer, perforated, carved, and mesh to make beautiful patterns.

Blue coated aluminum coil in production

PE coated color aluminum sheet

PE coated color aluminium sheet is a new kind of material, the surface is coated with a layer of PE paint, STEK can produce according to the specifications customized by the customer. The professional PE color coating production line ensures the stable quality of the color aluminum plate.

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