Color coated aluminium solid panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel description

The aluminum panel for curtain wall is made of high-strength aluminum alloy sheet and processed by fluorocarbon paint. Its high-strength corrosion resistance, weather resistance, acid rain and various pollutants are all very good , which all are suitable for building decoration materials.

Solid color yellow aluminum panel
Solid color yellow aluminum panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel specifications

Color coated aluminium solid panel sizes

size of base plate thickness 0.2-1.5mm
  width 600-1850mm
thickness of coating single coated 4-20μm
  double coated 25-28μm
  three coated 35-38μm
colors Refer to the color chart of our company, and also can modulate any color according to customer needs

aluminium panel painting process

aluminium panel painting process
aluminium panel painting process

1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength. The weight of thickness 3.0mm aluminum plate is 8kg per square and has a tensile strength of 100-280n/mm2.
2.Good durability and corrosion resistance. PVDF fluorocarbon paint based on kynar-500 and hylur500 can be used for 25 years without fading. good corrosion resistance, color and gloss retention , make it long life and lasting as new.
3. Good craftsmanship. By adopting the process first and then spraying,the aluminum plate can be processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and spherical surface.
4. Uniform coating and diverse colors. The advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion uniform between the paint and the aluminum plate, the coating surface is smooth and smooth, and the color is uniform and bright; while ensuring the continuity and consistency of color, the diversity of color makes it a large choice.
5. Rich types of coatings. Polyester, polyurethane, fluorocarbon, laminating and other coatings are available to meet special needs.
6.Not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain.
The non-adhesiveness of the fluorine coating film makes surface difficult for contaminants to adhere, and has good cleanliness. Mingzhu’s self-cleaning aluminum sheets solve the problem of high difficulty cleaning for outdoor curtain walls aluminum panels.
7. Convenient and quick installation and construction. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory and does not need to be cut at the construction site, just fixed on the frame.
8. It can be recycled and reused, which is good for environmental protection. Aluminum plates can be recycled 100%, which is different from decorative materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, and aluminum-plastic panels, with a high recycling rate.

Application of color coated aluminium solid panel

Aluminum Veneer Case

High-speed railway station aluminum panel decoration case
High-speed railway station aluminum panel decoration case

Aluminum panels for curtain wall is a new type of curtain wall material,which uses high-quality aluminum alloy sheets as the base material,then be formed by CNC bending and other technologies, and the surface is sprayed with decorative coatings.Nowadays, most buildings use this kind of material for exterior wall or interior decoration. The sheet has a long durability and a very high recycling rate. It can be called an environmentally friendly green building material, and it is very suitable for various buildings.

STEK color aluminum spraying workshop

Roll pre coating equipment of STEK Color Aluminum
Roll pre coating equipment of STEK Color Aluminum

Advantages of color coated aluminium solid panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel It has the advantages of both aluminum plate and organic material. It not only has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good toughness, and easy processing and forming of aluminum plate, but also has good coloring, decorative, and decorative properties of organic polymer coating materials.

Corrosion resistance, it can be easily processed by punching, bending, deep drawing, welding, etc. The products made by aluminium are practical, decorative, easy to process and durable. The adhesion between the printed layer and the bottom layer is high.

Our factory chooses high-quality fluorocarbon coatings from the world-renowned fluorocarbon coating manufacturers PPG, AKZO Akzo and other companies. The color selection is wide. Customers can directly select or provide color samples according to the color plates provided by the manufacturers.

gold carved aluminum single panel
gold carved aluminum single panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel Hydrochloric acid resistance test standard:

Use distilled water to prepare a 10% (volume ratio) hydrochloric acid solution (prepared with 37% industrial grade hydrochloric acid), and drop 10 drops on the paint film and cover it with an observation glass, with the convex surface facing up, take off the glass after 15 minutes, rinse with tap water, and check after drying.

The performance of PVDF color coated sheet/coils

Item Test Item Standard National standard Test Result
1 Color Difference ECCA T3 ΔE≤2.0 ΔE≤1.5
2 Gloss Difference ECCA T2 ≤10 ≤5
3 Coating Thickness ECCA T1 Two layers Min 23μm ≥25μm
Three layers Min 30μm ≥34μm
4 Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 ≥HB HB
5 T-bend ASTM D4145 ≤2T ≤2T
6 Adhesion ASTM D3359 Grade 0 Grade 0
7 Impact ASTM D2794 ≥ ≥
8 Boiling water Resistance GB/T17748 2h No change 4h No change
9 Solvent Resistance ASTM D2248 200 times paints remaining 500 times no break
10 Acidity Resistance ASTM D1308 5%HCL 24hrs No change No change
11 Alkali Resistance ASTM D1308 5%NaOH 24hrs No change color △E≤2.0 No change
12 Nitric acid Resistance AAMA620 △E≤5.0 △E≤5.0
13 Oil Resistance ASTM D1308 20#oil 24hrs No change No change
14 Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B117 4000hrs ≤Grade 1 No change
15 Abrasion resistance ASTM D968 ≥5L/μm ≥5L/μm
16 Dirt Resistance GB/T9780 ≤5% <5%
17 Color retaining GB/T16259 4000 hrs△E≤4.0 4000 hrs △E≤3.0
18 Gloss weaken Level 4000 hrs ≤ Grade 2 4000 hrs ≤ Grade 2
19 Chalking 4000 hrs No change 4000 hrs No change

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Certificate of STEK Color Aluminum

Certificate of STEK Color Aluminum
Certificate of STEK Color Aluminum