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Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

Prepainted aluminum sheet

Prepainted aluminum sheet refers to aluminum sheets/coils that have undergone pre-painting or anodizing on the surface to create a colored finish. You can easicoilsly achieve visually appealing effects through simple shaping processes. Contact us today for wholesale inquiries.

black anodized aluminum

Anodized aluminum sheet

Anodized aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum sheet that has undergone the anodization process, resulting in a durable, abrasion-resistant, and corrosion-resistant coating on its surface. This process enhances the appearance of the aluminum sheet, creating a refined and aesthetically pleasing surface finish.

Copper-like brushed aluminum panel

Brushed aluminum sheets

STEK Color Aluminum offers a wide range of high-quality metal sheets with a brushed texture,

Yellow aluminum panel

Painted aluminium sheet

STEK Color Aluminum offers a wide range of painted aluminum sheet panel with advanced surface treatment, excellent quality, and a variety of color options. These panels are highly durable and long-lasting. Contact us to request free samples.

Imitation stone aluminum panel

Powder coated aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum is a new type of construction material that uses aluminum sheets as the substrate and applies a spray coating of powder paint as the finish. This coating is typically made of polyester, fluorocarbon, or epoxy resin. Powder-coated aluminum combines the lightweight properties of aluminum with the durability and longevity of powder coating.

Yellow carving design perforated screen aluminum panel

Aluminum carved panel

STEK Color Aluminum offers competitive pricing and bulk orders for aluminum carved panels. Choose us for your wholesale needs. We provide customizable solutions for architectural façades.

Perforated decorative color aluminum panels

punched aluminium sheet

STEK Color Aluminium specializes in the production of punched aluminium sheet, using customized precision punching die, the gap between the punching holes meets the requirements of the design drawings, and perfectly solves the problem about punched aluminium sheet burr. We calculate the cutting forc...

micro perforated aluminum single panel

Powder coated perforated aluminium sheet

Powder coated perforated aluminium sheet produced by us through precise control of the punching force (the punching force is calculated by a special calculation formula), the punching die can punch out circles, ellipses, squares, rhombuses, hexagons, plum blossoms and other different perfect holes, ...

Round hole aluminum decorative perforated panels curtain wall

Painted perforated aluminium sheet

Through the calculation formula to calculate the punching force of the CNC tower pinching, so that painted perforated aluminium sheet maintains the maximum bearing capacity, and also solves the burr problem of the punching hole.the punching cut surface is rounded, and the service life is extended. P...

Solid color yellow aluminum panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel

Color coated aluminium solid panel description The aluminum panel for curtain wall is made of high-strength aluminum alloy sheet and processed by fluorocarbon paint. Its high-strength corrosion resistance, weather resistance, acid rain and various pollutants are all very good , which all are suitabl...

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